Prime: Advanced Technology International
Customer: Aviation & Missile Technology Consortium (AMTC)
Prime Contract Number: Other Transaction Authority (OTA) W9124P-19-9-0001
Base Agreement Number: 2022-376
Subcontract/Project Agreement Number: AMTC-19-03-082
Contract Type: CPFF, FFP, or T&M
Ceiling Value: $15,120,258.00
Award Date: 08/04/2022
Performance Period: 08/04/2022 – 06/30/2025
Technical POC Dave Aldrich

Technical Summary
Rapid Prototyping Technologies for Tactical Manned-Unmanned Aerial Systems including requirements for agile development methods that foster delivery of responsive and highly evolvable solutions for tactical manned and unmanned airborne systems. The effort is the development of an Adaptive Cross Reality (XR) Architecture (AXRA) concept (physical reality and digital content combined  in a way that enables interaction with and among real-world and virtual objects) and eventual toolsets to enhance the developmental efforts that meet strategic, operational, tactical, and response to the commander’s or decision maker’s needs. It seeks to utilize non-traditional defense contractor approaches to integrate technology, people, process, and products (rapid prototyping) that have the capacity for rapid development and response to the Department of Defense (DOD) and other Government agency customers requiring agile development methods. The project includes the integration of emerging private sector capabilities and resources, and evaluation of effective user interfaces for DOD personnel to leverage the AXRA concept to provide enhanced user performance, realize cost savings and increase operational readiness.