Prime Smartronix
Customer Rapid Response Project Office
Contract Name Rapid Response Technical Support
Contract Number GS00Q09BGD0050
Order Number GSQ0015AJ0027
Subcontract Number 16R25S
Award Type Subcontract
Contract Type ID/IQ CPFF, FFP OR T&M
Ceiling Value $902,674.06
Award Date 24-Oct-16
Performance Period 10/24/16-9/19-18
Technical POC Dave Aldrich

Technical Summary
The Rapid Response Project Office (RRPO) has a requirement to develop and support rapid reaction special mission projects related to irregular warfare for the Department of Defense (DoD), Non-DoD Federal Departments and Agencies, the Intelligence Community. The Irregular Warfare / Special Projects Director (IW / SPD) and the RRPO have oversight for these projects that require an extremely fast turn-around to meet mission schedules and objectives. These projects are designed to mitigate asymmetric threats in support of tactical elements deployed in various Areas of Responsibility. These projects support the development and integration of Information Technology (IT) mission systems used for information collection that detect, identify, assess, exploit or neutralize threats to the U.S. and its interests.