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RED-INC has provided quality engineering support to the Navy as a prime contractor since November 2003 and as a subcontractor since 1998. A long association with the Navy has validated our view that management strength and flexibility are essential to the Navy’s dynamic operating environment. RED-INC offers both strength and flexibility, as well as documented capabilities in research, development, test, and evaluation of military weapon systems. We provide engineering solutions to NAVAIR programs and NAWCAD engineering and laboratory initiatives using system engineering and process engineering methodologies in the following areas:

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SeaPort-e NEWS

On July 2, 2014, Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division (NAWC/AD) AIR 4.5 awarded RED-INC Seaport-e Task Order M803, a $76.5 million, five-year task for Rapid Reaction (RR) Response Capability and Irregular Warfare (IW) support.  This task order provides for the rapid deployment of systems to meet special mission requirements, providing support in the areas of innovation, concept demonstration, rapid prototyping, rapid integration, installation, rapid acquisition and rapid deployment of systems subsystems, support and spares in special mission areas involving rapid response and irregular warfare.  RED-INC has supported Navy RR and IW efforts since 2002. Leveraging our knowledge of IW task standardized processes, our proven performance agility for RR and IW tasking, and our strong, unique relationships with innovative IW groups throughout the DoD, RED-INC will continue to provide effective CONUS and OCONUS rapid reaction expertise and support in IW-related development, engineering, analysis, integration and deployment of systems and technologies for our nation’s warfighters.

RED-INC is also currently providing technical and engineering support to the NAVAIR Human Systems Department under a $72.4 million task awarded in February 2013.  Awarded as a Seaport Enhanced task order following an open competition, the task, after the exercise of all options, runs through March 18, 2016.  This task order comprises support for all elements of Human Systems Integration, which include human factors engineering, personnel survivability, operator environmental factors, system safety, manpower, personnel, training, habitability and designs for maintainers.  Human Systems Integration is a technical and managerial concept that can be used in the systems engineering and systems management processes.  It focuses on the capabilities and limitations of the warfighter as an integral part of weapon systems design.

The approved subcontractors for this Task Order are listed in the Team Members section.

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RED-INC’s Seaport task order encompasses support for all elements of human systems integration including human factors engineering, personnel survivability, operator environmental factors, system safety, manpower, personnel, training, habitability, and design for maintainer.

This task order award (M802) is the direct result of RED-INC’s ability to pull together a team experienced in all elements of human systems integration. The RED-INC Seaport team has outstanding qualifications and, while RED-INC bid a large team for this effort, most of the companies involved are small businesses that have been supporting the NAVAIR Human Systems Department for the past 10 years.

Approved subcontractors on the Seaport Enhanced task order M802 include the following:

  • AM Pierce & Associates, Inc.
  • Avian Engineering, LLC
  • Basic Commerce & Industries, Inc.
  • John Bucelato, LLC
  • Compass Systems, Inc.
  • Direct Dimensions, Inc.
  • East West Industries, Inc
  • Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation
  • Jardon and Howard Technologies, Inc.
  • Logistics Management Engineering, Inc.
  • Lowell Scientific Enterprises

Approved subcontractors on the Seaport Enhanced task order M803 include the following:

  • ACAP, LLC.
  • Advanced Tactics, Inc.
  • Asymmetric, LLC.
  • A-T Solutions, Inc.
  • CACI, Inc.
  • Compass Systems, Inc.
  • Commuter Air Technology, Inc. (CAT)
  • Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI)
  • Dynamic Aviation Group, Inc.
  • Eagle Systems, Inc.
  • Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc.
  • Engility Corporation
  • Exelis
  • J.F. Taylor, Inc.
  • KEYW Corporation
  • Long Wave, Inc.
  • Mist Mobility Integrated Systems Technology, Inc. (MMIST)
  • New Mexico State University (NMSU)
  • Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc (RMD) 
  • RWR Advisory Group, LLC. 
  • Sabre Systems, Inc.
  • Scitor Corporation
  • Smartronix, Inc.
  • Threat Knowledge Group (TKG) 
  • Unconventional Concepts, Inc. (UCI)
  • Vanilla Aircraft LLC.
  • White Canvas Group
  • Wichita State University
  • Veiel Support Services, Inc.


  • Naval Systems, Inc.
  • Porter Technical, Inc.
  • SimVentions, Inc.
  • Sonalysts, Inc.
  • Systems Management Technology, Inc.
  • Survival Innovations, Inc.
  • Talon Technologies, Inc.
  • Veiel Support Services, LLC
  • Wyle Laboratories, Inc.
  • Zenetex, LLC


Current RED-INC Task Orders:


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AM Pierce & Associates, Inc.
red plusAM Pierce & Associates is a woman-owned small business founded to provide systems engineering, program and acquisition management services to NAVAIR and other DoD customers.

Avian Engineering, LLC
red plusAvian provides direct systems engineering support of new warfare capabilities development by generating system requirements, developing systems specifications, evaluating design alternatives, and conducting tests of design and integration.

Basic Commerce & Industries, Inc.
red plusBCI provides software support in all phases of systems and computer program design, development, and maintenance, including radar, command and weapons control, navigation, networks, training systems, air traffic control, human factors, ship and weather processing systems.

John Bucelato, LLC
red plusJCB consulting services focus on aviation acquisition and logistics support as well as business development and marketing for its clients.

Compass Systems, Inc.
red plusCompass Systems is a leading C4ISR&T software developer, systems integrator and engineering firm specializing in military mission systems, video imagery processing, data programming and integration, real-time data and video fusion, and program management.

Direct Dimensions, Inc.
red plusDirect Dimensions provides laser scanning services, 3D geometric data acquisition, reverse engineering, digital modeling, inspection and analysis of objects and drawings, replication of objects using a digital model, as well as visualization and animation via software.

East West Industries, Inc.
red plusEWI designs, manufactures and supports products that save aircrew lives, and we use this experience and expertise to function as a small prime contractor capable of solving complex problems.

Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation
red plusGTARC provides efficient and effective contracting, grant, and research administration services for the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), a non-profit research arm of the Georgia Institute of Technology. GTARC serves as the sole contracting entity for GTRI.

Jardon and Howard Technologies, Inc.
red plusJHT provides technology training, IT services, interactive computer-based courseware and training, as well as video and multimedia production services.

Logistics Management Engineering, Inc.

red plusLME provides support to various human systems programs in the areas of acquisition and sustaining logistics, engineering analysis and development, program support, modeling and prototyping.

Lowell Scientific Enterprises
red plusLSE specializes in human factors and human systems integration support. Company engineers provided oversight of human engineering activities for various maritime and aircraft Human Systems Integration programs.

Naval Systems, Inc.

redPlusOnWhiteBigger Naval Systems, Inc. (NSI) provides engineering, technical services support, and logistic support services.  They also offer maintenance and repair of avionics systems.

Porter Technical, Inc.
red plusPorter Tech provides human systems engineering functions in laboratory and platform environments with a focus on overall integration of requirements in a manner that optimizes total system performance, quality, cost-effectivness, and supportability.

SimVentions, Inc.
red plusSimVentions specializes in providing high-quality component-based solutions in systems engineering, software engineering, and modeling and simulation. The company has expertise in system goals, design concepts and alternatives, design trades and verification, and implementation assessment.

Sonalysts, Inc.
red plusSonalysts provides a wide range of services to Navy Virtual SYSCOM activities. Its core competencies support NAVSEA and Virtual SYSCOM and include advanced training systems and information, human systems integration, performance assessment, platform and combat systems modeling and simulation.

Survival Innovations, Inc.

red plusSII provides research, design, test, support, and manufacturing services for life support equipment and related systems. Ancillary capabilities include configuration management, technical manuals, illustration, and prototype fabrication.

Systems Management Technology, Inc.

redPlusOnWhiteBigger Systems Management Technology (SMT) specializes in Manpower, Personnel, and Training providing research and analysis to support program planning and sustainment of military systems.

Talon Technologies, Inc.
red plusTalon Tech provides program support in the areas of Project Management, Engineering, Acquisition Management, Logistics, System Design, Research and Development, Test and Evaluation, and Configuration Management.

Veiel Support Services, LLC
red plusVSS provides support in human systems integration, human factors performance, systems engineering, program management, reliability, maintainability, availability, and acquisition management. Company engineers specialize in Human Systems Integration tasks in a range of areas.

Wyle Laboratories, Inc.
red plusWyle’s Aerospace Group has more than 35 years of experience in providing programmatic, analysis, engineering, and other technical support to DoD activities on a range of development, production, and modification programs.

Zenetex, LLC
red plusZenetex provides services in the areas of logistics, IT service management, IT infrastructure, and training. The company also has engineering specialists in research, development, test and evaluation.

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RED-INC Zone 2 Experience Sampler

3.2 Engineering Support

  • E-2C CNS/ATM
  • Joint Strike Fighter
  • F/A-18D
  • UAS Common Control Station
  • Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System
  • Helmet System Visualization Program
  • Aviation-Ship Integration engineering process

3.3 Modeling

  • Flight simulators and advanced visualization system
  • General 3-D modeling
  • Rapid prototyping for cockpit graphics displays as well as HUDs and HMDs
  • UAS software development


3.4 Prototyping

  • Simulator visual system development and upgrade
  • Crewstation panel representation development
  • Trainer software development
  • Prototype mockups of custom avionics enclosures
  • MH-60M attack/assault helicopter prototype device development and manufacture

3.6 Software Development

  • NAWCWD Signals Warfare Branch support
  • Irregular Warfare systems support
  • NAVAIR 4.6 network support
  • C-130 training device fleet support programs and upgrades


3.8 Human Systems Engineering Support

  • E-2D, E-6B, F-18, F-35, H53, H-60,
    P-3, P-8, V-22
  • Littoral Combat Ship Aviation Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Advanced Technology Crewstation
  • Battle Control System – Mobile
  • UAS Route Payload Planner
  • Airborne Mine Countermeasures
  • Armed Helo
  • Intelligent Autonomy

3.14 Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support

  • SH-60S test activities and flight test program management
  • MH-60R technical evaluation for HX-21 test and evaluation squadron
  • Littoral Combat Ship Aviation Systems test and evaluation


3.19 Training Support

  • U.S. Navy Test Pilot School
  • PMA 265 and NAVAIR 3.4
  • Configuration management of submarine training devices, NAVAIR TSD Orlando
  • Submarine Piloting and Navigation 2000 Team Trainer acquisition support
  • Aerospace Operations Center Command and Control Training, NAVAIR TSD Orlando
  • PMA 280 Tomahawk Missile Program

3.20 Program Support

  • PMA 231, 265, 299
  • NAVAIR 4.11
  • Advanced Maritime Technology Center

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Technical POC (M802): Curt Stansfield
Phone: 301.342.9219
Fax: 301.737.4883

Contracts POC (M802): Susan Dietz
Phone: 301.737.4361 x15
Fax: 301.737.4883

Technical POC (M803): Dave Aldrich
Phone: 301.737.4361 x29
Fax: 301.737.4883

Contracts POC (M803): Michelle Boothe
Phone: 301.737.4361 x11
Fax: 301.737.4883

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IDIQ POC: Dave Aldrich
Phone: 301.737.4361 x29
Fax: 301.737.4883

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RED-INC tailors its quality management system to its customer environment and proven business processes. Knowing the strengths of our team members allows us to recommend them for work where they know they will succeed. We orchestrate the tasking and funding, and allow our team members to do what they do best as skilled technical professionals. The RED-INC Program Manager monitors team member status reports, comparing accomplishments with tasking specified in the technical direction letter. Having access to descriptions of all work performed under the contract, the Program Manager is keenly aware of opportunities to leverage similar work and provide savings to the Government. RED-INC strives to achieve a good match between Government sponsors and contract support in terms of project requirements, technical capability, and team/support personality. Once projects are assigned, the team efficiently and effectively carries out day-to-day operations and maintains a close liaison with the Government sponsor to ensure that tasks are on target for expected project support.

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