About Us

"The Navy has relied on RED-INC due to our performance and expertise."

Company Overview

img_reflectionResearch and Engineering Development, LLC (RED-INC) was founded in 1998 to provide engineering expertise in support of NAVAIR requirements for Human Systems Engineering (HSE) and Human Systems Integration (HSI).  RED-INC engineering expertise focuses on the human-in-the-loop and the operator’s ability to perform mission functions utilizing the technological capabilities of the underlying systems across all aviation platforms in USN/USMC inventory.

RED-INC was acquired in 2010 by existing Management and Investors and has since expanded the Company’s capabilities from traditional conventional aircraft platform support to include an emphasis on unconventional requirements including Unmanned Platforms, Rapid Reaction/Rapid Prototyping, Irregular Warfare/Intelligence and National Security (IW/INS).

RED-INC performs primarily as a Prime Contractor, supported for over 15 years by subcontractor teams numbering more than 50 companies across our prime contracts.  A majority of RED-INC’s employees/1099s are former Military/Civil Service, are Engineers/Techs/SMEs and hold active security clearances.

Areas of Expertise:

HSI  –  With an emphasis on human involvement in systems, RED-INC capabilities consist of rapid technology development, engineering services, and programmatic support to Navy, Marine Corp and other DOD organizations for manned/unmanned air- and surface- weapons platforms and systems.

IW/INS  –  RED-INC provides rapid reaction, prototyping and development of unique solutions for conventional and unconventional users in areas such as organic close air support, electronic warfare, ISR, cyber, HUMINT/SIGINT, economic warfare, and alternative energy.


HSI            Navy, primarily NAVAIR PEOs and PMAs

IW/INS      Defense Department (USN/USMC, Army, Air Force, OSD, COCOMs)