Our capabilities optimize your performance.

Since 1998, RED-INC has provided top level Research, Engineering, and Development services for military weapons systems and warfighter solutions. Our expertise in all areas of performance and integration, coupled with a broad knowledge of human technology, establishes us as a leader in the field of conventional and irregular warfare operations. We’re able to identify, adapt, and integrate your requirements for any program rapidly, effectively, and cost efficiently.

Man Over Machine

The most important link in achieving mission success has always been the human element. Even as technology changes the way wars are waged, conventional warfighters and special operators remain an integral part of the solution. RED-INC understands that Human Systems Integration (HSI) is a critical component of any warfare scheme and remains our focus within all projects. Learn More

What Makes Our Forces Special

RED-INC employs renowned experts and former military operators with specific and relevant mission experience from a variety of fields. That makes us a valuable resource for DoD customers and contractors alike. They trust our judgment, respect our expertise, and appreciate our professionalism. They understand that we prioritize the human facets of any system for the conventional or special warfighter. Learn More


Areas of Expertise