Human Systems Integration

"Our customers trust our judgment, respect our expertise, appreciate our professionalism."


While RED-INC supplies HSI expertise for a variety of military air and sea clients, our prime customer is the AIR 4.6 Human Systems Department. Through this ongoing relationship we’re able to provide services and support to the following platform and system PMs:

  • PMA-209 Common Avionics
  • PMA-213 Air Traffic Control
  • PMA-231 E-2
  • PMA-261 H-53
  • PMA-262 BAMS
  • PMA-263 UAS
  • PMA-265 F-18, EA-18G
  • PMA-266 Fire Scout, VTUAV
  • PMA-271 E-6
  • PMA-272 ATAPS
  • PMA-274 VH-71
  • PMA-275 V-22
  • PMA-276 H-1
  • PMA-280 Tomahawk Missile
  • PMA-281 Mission Planning
  • PMA-290 P-3, P-8
  • PMA-299 H-60

RED-INC employees have also supported just about every aircraft platform program in the Navy inventory since 1970. Current platform programs:

  • C-130
  • E-2C
  • E-2D
  • EA-18G
  • F-18C/D/F
  • F-35
  • V-22
  • H-53E
  • H-53K
  • H-60
  • P-3
  • P-8
  • T-45
  • VH-71

Vintage platform programs that we have supported in the past include:

  • A-6
  • AV-8
  • C-2
  • C-12
  • F-4
  • F-14
  • F-18A/B
  • H-1
  • H-46
  • S-3
  • T-2

Additionally, RED-INC supports Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) including: BAMS, UCAS, UCLASS, Fire Scout, Global Hawk, and Common Control Station.

And RED-INC has a long history of Survivability acquisition support:

  • MARS
  • JSAM
  • HESP
  • PSE
  • LTO
  • JSPL
  • LEPS
  • MPLR
  • WCES

We’ve been active in science and technology and research and development programs: Collaborative and Knowledge Interoperability, Macro-cognition in Team Collaboration, Advanced Helmet Vision Systems, Mid-Air Collision Avoidance, Operational Mission and Scenario Analysis for Unmanned Systems. We also support ship programs including Aircraft Launch and Recovery Systems, CVN-21, DDG-1000, and Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).