Human Systems Integration

"Proven HSI capabilities help us to both lead and support an array of platforms."


img_chopperLandRED-INC supports HSI requirements, processes, and implementation procedures. Our proven HSI capabilities enable us to provide both lead and support services for an array of military air and sea platforms, survivability equipment development programs, and training systems.

The company specializes in human engineering, habitatability, survivability, and training, recognizing the synergy between those elements as your project progresses from concept through in-service engineering support. Our demonstrated experience in the HSI field is in accordance with DoD 5000.2 and SECNAV 5000.2C acquisition requirements.

Beginning with the concept, refinement, and technology development phases, we support the definition, evaluation, and feasibility of alternative concepts, and develop system architecture for proven ones. During system development and demonstration, RED-INC ensures operational support, design producibility, and affordability while demonstrating system integration, interoperability, and utility. Through production and deployment, we help achieve system operational capability that meets mission requirements and exceeds user needs with cost performance for the life of the program. RED-INC also provides in-service engineering support to help maintain the readiness and operation of deployed systems, while identifying design and performance targets for improvement.

Listed below are several categories of specific skills that further showcase our extensive HSI capabilities:

Emerging Technologies

  • Augmented Reality
  • Multi-Vehicle Control
  • Adaptive User Interfaces
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Macro Cognitive Collaboration Tools
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Biometrics
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Haptics Integration


Applied Research & Development

  • Specification Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Laboratory / Simulation studies
  • Methodology Development
  • Technology Assessment


Traditional Human Engineering

  • Workstation Layout
  • Work Place Evaluation
  • Personnel Accommodation
  • Software Development Support
  • Control-Display Design & Integration
  • Mockup Evaluations
  • Lighting Requirements
  • Night Vision Devices
  • Helmet Mounted Systems
  • Design for Maintainer

User-Focused System Design

  • Interface Requirements
  • Rapid Prototyping User Interface
  • Requirements & the User Role
  • Function Allocation & Task Analysis
  • Workload & Performance Measures
  • Training Development


Environmental & Survivability

  • Escape & Crashworthy Systems
  • Environmental Protection
  • Threat Protection
  • Survival Systems
  • Laser Eye Protection
  • Chemical / Biological Protection
  • Life Support & Survival Systems
  • Personnel / Flight Equipment


Logistics Engineering

  • Acquisition Support
  • Configuration Management
  • Reliability & Maintainability
  • Failure Mode & Effects Criticality Analysis
  • Failure Reporting & Corrective Action System
  • Level of Repair Analysis