About Us

"The Navy has relied on RED-INC due to our performance and expertise."

Company History

img_reflectionRED-INC was co-founded in 1998 by Karen Garner and Art Weaver after retiring from civil service. With over fifty years of combined experience with the Navy, their considerable expertise in Human Systems Integration (HSI) brought instant credibility and recognition to the company in this field.

Since 1998, RED-INC has been awarded a number of contracts by the NAVAIR 4.6 Human Systems Department, culminating with the full-and-open Seaport-e award in 2003. The company continues to receive Seaport-e task orders and the current one, awarded in 2013, extends through March of 2016 and is worth approximately $72.4 million.

Based on a Congressional mandate that each service within the military create an Irregular Warfare (IW) capability, the Navy looked to NAVAIR 4.6 to help with that goal in early 2010. In turn they relied on RED-INC, due in part to the firm’s performance and understanding of the importance of the operator in the loop. As a result, RED-INC was awarded a contract from NAVAIR in May 2010 to provide integrated solutions for Irregular Warfare challenges. The award totaled approximately $50 million and extends through May 2012. This work recently transitioned to NAVAIR 4.5 under Seaport-e Task Order M803.

In July 2010, a group of investors led by Dave Aldrich acquired a majority interest in the company and officially changed the name to Research and Engineering Development LLC (RED-LLC), although it’s still commonly referred to as “RED-INC”.

Within the HSI division, RED-INC has supported nearly every aircraft platform program, both current and vintage, in the Navy’s inventory since 1970, as well as many Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) programs. And Irregular Warfare capabilities continue to grow, providing design, development, testing and support for the warfighter and their equipment in this critical area of defense. The company remains active in various science, technology, research, and development programs to enhance their skill set, and will continue to do so in the coming years.